We at BetterToken believe in ThreeFold Foundation’s mission to create a responsible internet for all.

ThreeFold developed open source software that creates neutral, green and private internet capacity.

A 100% decentralized internet grid built up from a sustainable network of IT-infrastructure hosted by Threefold Farmers.


BetterToken is here to give you the opportunity to be part of the ThreeFold Grid and farm ThreeFold Tokens with your own BetterToken Node Server. In an easy plug and farm way.


Solve the internet capacity problem

We probably don’t need to tell you that the invention of Blockchain technology changed the world dramatically. The ThreeFold application of blockchain technology to solve the world's problem of future internet capacity is one of the most exciting initiatives we have seen to date.

Sustainable and net neutral

BetterToken believes ThreeFold has the key to change the internet for good, and we want to play a big role in this. And so can you! By buying servers and connecting them to the ThreeFold Grid, you are helping build a more sustainable internet and increasing neutral net capacity.

Better coverage

What is more, all Farmers who sign up now to purchase internet capacity Node Servers with BetterToken to join the ThreeFold Grid will be rewarded just for adding capacity to the grid. Think of this as getting satellites in the air. The more there are, the better the coverage.

Hardware ROI

Since early Farmers get a much higher token return rate for the life of the server, the sooner you start capacity farming, the higher the potential for increasing the your ROI for your hardware. And by buying ThreeFold Certified Hardware from BetterToken, you get a 25% better token return than for uncertified hardware.


  • Plug and Farm NodeServers make it possible for all tech levels to jump in. We aim to make it possible for you to invest in the grid, plug in your server, and get it working in minutes. No long difficult procedures.

  • BetterToken provides Nodeservers varying from 1K – 20k+. The range consists of ultra-silent home devices to rack-mountable 2U devices to run in your (local) datacenter.

  • When you buy servers from BetterToken, you are buying ThreeFold Certified Hardware. This attracts a token return rate of up to 25% more than uncertified hardware. And we configure, test and warrant the box for you, no hassle, no fuss. Plug and Farm. If you want to just be able to start farming and have a great return on your investment, this is the way to do it.

  • The BetterToken community is there to share best practices, the dos and do nots of how to look after your NodeServer (it’s easy!) and help to get you learning what you need to know for the future.

  • Our team has been in the internet and datacenter business for well over 20+ years. What we don’t know about Internet Capacity management, Cloud Computing and running a high capacity distributed data network is not worth knowing.

  • Use the Node Server configurator in our ServerShop to configure exactly the server you want. You can choose from our range of ThreeFold Certified Hardware to create any server from a home office quiet running server to a fully loaded compute engine or hundreds of terabytes of storage.