SN2 Soho Node Server – 16 core – 32 GB RAM – 0.5 TB SSD – 12 TB HDD

1 ,999.00 exc. VAT

16 logical cores, 32 GB RAM,  1 TB SSD, 1 x 12 TB HDD


Customers who choose this product are helping to promote the success of the the ThreeFold Grid and the ThreeFold Token as well. When you buy this ThreeFold Certified server from you agree to add 25% of the value of the server as TheeFold Tokens. In return, this server comes with free online support for 5 years from date of purchase from BetterToken.


Total estimated ROI: 3.4 to 6.1



Please remember that when you buy a ThreeFold Node Server, you are doing so for the purposes of contributing to the initial growth of the ThreeFold Grid. You will gain Farmed ThreeFold Tokens for registering this Node Server on the Grid. However, you will only be able to cultivate tokens from the use of your capacity via the ThreeFold Directory from early 2019 onwards.


(Assumes $0.1 TFT price at connection and range of $0.2-0.5 per TFT at exit. Estimated ROI range includes 60% capacity sales, power consumption, bandwidth, 20% price erosion and all commissions and fees. For further discussion of these details, please get in touch via the chat icon below.)



This server is based on the SN1 but includes the 16 core chip, a step up in SSD and includes a HDD it has maxed memory, and includes shipping to anywhere in the EU.


  • This box is based on a server class chassis can be installed anywhere safe in your home office or small office. It is super-quiet and small enough that it can just sit in a corner generating tokens for you – and providing that all important edge capacity on the ThreeFold Grid.
  • ThreeFold Certified hardware, guaranteed to work with Zero-OS.
  • Three year hardware return to base and replace warranty.
  • Storage can be increased to 4 HDD – but be aware that you will want to make sure you have a good internet connection if you load up all the hard disks to the max.
  • Setup, assembly, HDD installation, burn in and fault testing of all components completed before shipping.
  • The server comes with Zero-OS ready to go to start farming immediately.
  • Shipping included to anywhere in the EU.
  • Free online support for 5 years.


1 x AMD Ryzen 3 2700 CPU (16 logical cores)
32 GB RAM 16 Dimm Non ECC
0.5 TB SSD NVMe Intel
3 year hardware return to base warranty


To ensure Token price stability, ThreeFold Tokens bought as part of this package will become tradable after one year.

The market rate for TFT will be the rate shown on at the time when the tokens are transferred to the customers wallet




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